When you purchase a downloadable format you can download the files once from any computer. Please save to a secure folder and/or make a secure backup. Use our "nugster" Download Manager to download multiple files at once or you can select to download each song manually. MP3 downloads only can also be downloaded as a .zip folder containing the complete show and easily unzipped.

The "nugster" Download Manager is a small app that resides on your computer. Nugster will download all the files you ordered to the folder you specify. Nugster is a tool for quickly downloading files and not a "location" for storing files.

Windows nugster available HERE.

MAC nugster available HERE.

Extract the .zip file then click NugsterSetup.exe to launch the installer. Nugster will work on Mac 10.7 and above or Windows 7 and above with either Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. Below are step by step instructions for using nugster

If you are unable to use the Download Manager, you can always download songs manually by clicking each file in the Manual Download window.

To use Nugster for Windows or Mac, click the "nugster" shortcut on your desktop or the link from the My Downloads page.


Once your computer has nugster, login using your email and password:

Follow these steps starting from the main screen:

Manage your download setting by clicking the red gear wheel on the left. This will let you choose you destination folder, manage multiple download settings and select to Add to iTunes.

You can play all of your iTunes-compatible files back in iTunes. With "Add to iTunes" checked nugster will automatically add the files for each show or album you download.